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Okeenea Digital, Okeenea Group spin-off

It is everyone’s involvement for the last 27 years that makes OKEENEA a united, innovative and creative group. Aware of our luck, we are trying to make all of our clients and partners benefit from this positive energy.

OKEENEA offers a wide range of accessibility services:

Advice, design of solutions and their implementation in order to best meet the needs of people with disabilities while proposing global solutions to make projects accessible.

Okeenea Digital it’s…

“Since we don’t do anything like everyone else, our designer adopts a usage-based approach, technology being only a means! Indeed, we are lucky to rely on our talented developers to make the most of the latest technology and turn our ideas into reality.

Sprinkle with a mastery of industrialization process and the motivation of our business ambassadors and voila, this is our team!”

Damien Brosseau

Okeenea Digital Associate Director

“For the past 20 years, Middle East has shown itself to be a land of opportunities and innovation. In UAE only, the latest country accessibility code has been published, making it mandatory to take into account people of determination in architecture and constructors designs. We’re building a better world for inclusion, a world where everyone can easily and independently navigate. Let’s now move it to the next level and offer the best guiding experience with Evelity.”

Leonard Guillermin

Sales Director Middle East

“Our user-focused approach is the result of a long collective and participative work.

This approach has allowed us to create bonds of trust and generate numerous discussions with users.”

Charlene Milly

Service Designer

Our methods

User-centered approach

We are committed to restoring freedom and spontaneity to people with disabilities.

For this, our UX designer has adopted a human-centered approach by increasing discussions with users, prime contractors and institutions, which allows us to offer functional solutions as close as possible to needs.

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The team


Sales Director Middle East

“With Evelity, people of determination can move around within a venue they’ve never explored before! Our solution enables them to gain autonomy and spontaneity in their trips.”


Associate Director



“Evelity is the revolution of GPS that we have known in cars that arrives in our pockets to navigate complex buildings easily. Finally, real autonomy for all!”


Sales and Projects Director

“Being accompanied by a developer to a business appointment, I have already done so and it has been beneficial for both of us. If the tech and the business team sail in the same boat it is so much more effective!”


iOS Developer


Communication Director

“Conveying the image of a historic actor of inclusion and ensuring that as many actors in the city as possible hear of it… communicating has never been so exciting and easy.”  


Service Designer

“Experience is my priority. Every detail is important.”


Accessibility Expert

“What a thrilling adventure to participate in the development of solutions to facilitate the mobility of visually impaired people and to be able to test them before anyone else!”


Project Manager

“My only obsession is to bring maximum value to the product without ever compromising on quality, whatever the constraints.”

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Evelity is the first indoor and outdoor wayfinding app that allows people of determination and more generally all users to move independently in complex places.

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